That Toxic Friend…

Hey you, the 9-year-old me…

I’m talking to you as a 30-something adult, 

You see that girl over there…

… the one who tells you that you NEED to join in with her games? 

… Please stick with the friends you’ve already made, you’ll regret this in 20 years time! 

Yes you think she’ll protect you from the bullies, but honestly you’ll regret it over time. 

She’ll use your passive nature to her advantage, 

She’ll tell you what to do, when to do it and control you like a puppet, 

She’ll be involved behind the biggest decisions – life changing decisions, and you’ll go along with it because you’re too afraid to stick up for yourself. She’ll get you so confused: “get with this guy, no he’s no good, I think you should be with this one instead!” 

She’ll act so sweet and polite to everyone around you, but not you, no – she has 2 faces you see. 

She’ll steal from shops and you’ll know that it’s wrong but she knows that you won’t tell anyone. 

She’ll tell you her deepest, darkest secrets then expect you to keep it ‘shtum.’ She’ll warn you that if you tell anyone she’ll share all your secrets and disown you, and then you’ll feel even more alone. 

You’ll never be your true self as she wants to mould you, into someone so you don’t even recognise yourself. 

She’ll tell you what to wear, what to say, who to see, where to go and what music to play. You’ll agree that you love ‘Take That,’ when you really Blur and Nirvana! 

Then years later, when you’re older and and she tells you to leave your marriage, you will want that ‘Eastender’s’ moment on her big day – as her hubby doesn’t know that secret, she’s already threatened you not to say, but stop…

… and think, to yourself… 

is it really worth it? All that hassle? 

Let Karma do the job for you. One day it will all come back to bite her, just sit tight and look at what you have now. 

25 years it will take, after several failed attempts, one day you will finally see, this friendship, this person is TOXIC and being true to yourself, will set you free. 

One day I finally snapped, after I found out that you’d talked behind my back, and the last straw was that you repeatedly swore in front of my kids. 

It’s now been 12 months since I said “No more” and “Goodbye,” now I’m better, happier and a more confident person, and making my own decisions, finally…

… I’m so glad I finally broke free! 


2 thoughts on “That Toxic Friend…

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  1. Hi! I have 3 sons on the spectrum. Thanks for sharing, reading your posts gives me more knowledge of what my sons may or may not be experiencing. Good riddance to that toxic friend! Glad that you were able to break free!


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